Armenia Upgrade Donation Project 2012 – Video I_00_Upgrade-02


This video shows:
00:00 – Prof. Shukuryan introducing the next speaker Alexander Degtyarev, Company Cochlear CEE
00:20 – 01:10: congratulatory speech of Alexander Degtyarev, Company Cochlear CEE, Basel, Switzerland
01:10 – Prof. Shukuryan introducing the next speaker Dr. Monika Lehnhardt, Germany
01:35 – 10:00: Dr.Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt, Co-Founder and President of Prof.Ernst Lehnhardt Foundation, Germany
10:00 – handing over upgrade speech processors, donated by german and swiss parents and clinics via the Lehnhardt Foundation to 13 children
….. –
15:40 – Edgar Nersisyan receiving the upgrade and saying a few words
17:53 end of video

To be amended. Please everybody watching the video: mention who is shown in the upgrade handing over and add the time. Do this in a separate comment