Draft Call for parents – urgent

Dear all,

Please look up the link underneath and post here in the “reply” window your comments.

The Call …  will be published in the fundraiser Blog until today night. So you can also make a print in addition to your phone contacts with parents.

Now to make clear the specific considerations behind the call:

  • Monikas concern primarily is, that as many parents with Freedom using children will show up in the meeting on Sunday 3rd and to clarify in advance whether there are ones, whos Freedom makes substantial problems or is even not working. For such urgent cases (3 or4) an immediate Upgrade would be possible, although the fundraising has´nt even started
  • My (and Eduards/Lusines) concern is, that those parents or caretakers can be identified , who are active in the Internet (email adress, facebook, etc) and ready to actively participate in the fundraising activities (specifically e.g. making some photos or videos of their child and writing stories to publish and make the the donors immediately donating :-), or: support other parents doing so )I think I will make a separate meeting session with those on Sunday 3rd. – to be considered

Inessa: please clarify, who in your center can be addressed by the parents – name and phone, email to be added in the Call

Zhanna:   could we skype on Tuesday ( any time after 10am your time – this is 8am our time) ?

good night/morning when you will read it,


Link to GoogleDoc “First Call for parents …